Senate Bill 88: Our Work Is Not Done

On May 4th, I watched Governor Deal sign Senate Bill 88 into law. This signified the conclusion of many months of hard work for the board members of OTPG. And to say the least, it was one heck of a learning experience.

After many meetings, presentations, negotiations, and compromises, I believe we ultimately have a piece of legislation that will benefit the state of Georgia. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. Some parts of the bill remain contentious and others lack the scope we had hoped for. However, I believe that we were able to navigate an unfamiliar process and get a favorable result from a generally unfavorable situation.

BUT, I must stress to you that our work is not done. We must remain engaged with the legislature and the regulatory departments. Our voices must continue to be heard. It is my hope that our members continue to support our efforts in this regard because I personally see it as necessary for the positive growth of our field in Georgia. I hope everyone is enjoying the warm Spring weather, and I look forward to seeing you all at Lake Lanier for our Annual Conference in November, if not sooner!

Jonathan Connell, OTPG President (2017)