A non-profit organization of treatment providers, counselors, and other allies that support treatment and recovery for individuals with Opioid Use Disorder through education, stigma reduction and the utilization of best practices.

Opioid Treatment Providers of Georgia

Only OTPG members are listed on this site. Membership in OTPG has several benefits, with the most important one being part of a solid coalition of providers working on issues that can and will affect Medication Assisted Treatment in Georgia.


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OTPG 2022 Conference Keynote Speaker

OTPG 2022 Conference Keynote SpeakerCassaundra “Yo’ Sis” BingamanCassaundra “Yo’ Sis” Bingaman is a multi- award winning, national spoken word artist, creative, and humanitarian. She has been recognized as an esteemed leader in her community and is a self-proclaimed student of life who is learning, living, and breathing the power of words and expression as an effective means of healing for [...]

AATOD Update: 2022 2nd Quarter

Good day everyone!  It’s been a minute since we incorporated an AATOD update in our newsletter and this one is a doozy. There is a lot going on in our industry at the federal level. From the NASEM two-day meeting organized to look at the SAMHSA federal regulations, to multiple bills introduced into the United States House of Representatives and [...]