Ride To Recovery

Taylor Crump | Tri-State Treatment Center

Reliable transportation is something that many OTP patients struggle with and worry about. If they don’t have someone to drive them to their preferred treatment facility or do not have the legal documents required to drive themselves, attending treatment regularly can become a burden. Not having reliable transportation often a barrier to someone making a true commit to treatment.

Thanks to a former counselor from a local opioid treatment program, those participating in recovery can feel relieved. Candice McAllie has started a new transportation service for those specifically in opioid treatment programs. Ride to Recovery, or “R to R”, is up and running and looking to help out anyone who is in need of transportation in the North Georgia area. She has reached out to local North Georgia programs and asked for us all to pass along her information. Candice says she hopes to have more than the one van that will run from Knoxville Tennessee to clinics in the North Georgia Area.

Some of us may remember the old transportation vans that ran from Knoxville to our area. Some say they left a “bad taste” because there were simply no rules to follow. Candice hopes to change that and make a difference. She requires that any take home medication be locked in a separate part of the van. Patients will not have access to their medication during the ride. On the back of her business card she lists that there will be no illicit substances allowed, no weapons, no aggression, and of course confidentiality is necessary. The fee to use this service is $20.00 round trip, but when you think of the legal fees that can come with a DUI, or driving with no license, the price pales in comparison.

I asked about any set schedule that she may have at this time and she is willing to pick up and go where she needs to. This may change once she starts to get a little busier. Just meeting with Candice was a real joy. It is only her and one van at this time, but she hopes that this can become a big project that many benefit from. It is great to see that someone has taken a step to help out the corner of North Georgia. We all want to see our patients succeed and having reliable transportation is one of the ways to make that happen. If you have not spoken to Candice about Ride to Recovery or would like more information for your patients her contact information is 423-315-7225 or [email protected]